Saw my birthday, was that’s a sign?

Complete wreckage…


Epic day

Finally I got a door!


Time to unlock this muvasucka! like what does a girl have to do to get a salary until I go independent. I’m happy, and a tad bit excited. Ok I’m going back to work…

I never finish what I start….

There is so many crafts I want to do and get involved in that it goes beyond me. Photography, illustration, print layout, cosmetic artistry and fashion design. Thank God all of this can be done in the fashion industry! I have to plan this stuff out and bring it all to life

Cheap Feelings

Ventured into a unmarked territory of lust and deception
took a chance in ended up killing the hopes of a man.
Blood spotted panties while her flesh smelled of spit
Feeling like a cheap trick only to carry on in lust for bliss
Pint up aggressions casted out like
Demons in a exorcist…

Steady Pace…

Your actions slow down and it’s as if you can see everything in slow motion. Your taking it day by day, yet the process doesn’t progress. It went from warm days to cold days and its back warm again but by then them hot days are round the corner. The friends became enemies and the ones you thought you were close to pushed away. Searching for God everywhere yet he left you in the valley. Society excepts greatness yet your productions are mediocre. Entropy in your heart and can’t sleep at night because those thoughts wont let you rest. Clinging on the the last bit of success you are due but yet to gain. So at night you say a prayer and dream with a hope that tomorrow wont be the same…

Do you think Beethoven beefed w/ Mozart or Picasso w/ Van Gogh? As artist why can’t we share what’s rite fully ours? Elevate your thoughts and open your eyes… We’re losing a war that was intended for us to win!
Queen Vinny
Instead of judging ones art, let the art do what it is intended to…. Let it claim your emotions from which it conveys
Queen Vinny
Judgement tends to get in the way of ones purpose, yet ones purpose can cause critics to be judgemental…
Queen Vinny